In this unique & magical studio I assist my clients on a Vibrational level.  Through Reiki, Crystal Healings, Spirit Guide Tarot Readings, Group Meditaitons or Goddess Circles, I will help you find Spiritual Wellness, Balance, Purpose & Health.

 Increase Your Energy!

Find Peace, Purpose! 

Feel  Anxiety & Stress Magically Vanish!


Here are some benefits our clients have reported

*Restored energy and vitality

*Reduction or alleviation of stress and anxiety.

*Relaxation and restored emotional balance.

*Increased positivity

*Insomnia Relief

*Increased feelings of Strength and courage in dealing with difficult life situations.

*Increased motivation, focus, and ability to influence positive investment in life.

* A sense of reconnection and balance of your physical , emotional, and spiritual self.

*Reduction or complete alleviation of pain.

*Increased immunity.

*Support and activation of your body's natural ability to heal itself.

Blended Spirit

Reiki & Wellness Studio

2017 Wellness Show

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Over 2000sqft of healing space indoor and out with beautiful huge trees. Only 10 minutes from Scott Road Skytrain Station.

I was privileged to assist in over 280 healings in 2016.   Book yours now

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See us at this OM Healing Event

When: July 15 and 16, 2017
Where: Atrium Inn   2889 Hastings St, Vancouver